So you can work to live.

The oil and Natural Gas industry.
Hard working men and women.
The backbone of America.

The use of oil and natural gas benefits our lives, daily.  It is nearly impossible to name an item that is produced that does not contain the make up or involvement of a fossil fuel.  These beneficial fossil fuels could not be extracted without the hard-working men and women who make up the oil and gas industry.  SWABBCO is comprised of these men and women, who all strive to keep our local community and America’s backbone strong.


SWABBCO is a well servicing company that started with swab rigs and has grown to work-over rigs, trucking, rental equipment and other oil and gas services.

We take pride in the work and hope to pass that on to others we employ, work for, or work with.


A little bit about us

40+ years

Our staff has over 40 years of combined experience and knowledge in the industry.


We are the greenest in the industry.

20 years

Started with 1 swab rig in 2001.